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The next time you stay in a hotel, pay special attention to the art, or lack of it, in public areas and in your room. What do you think of it? Is it attractive or boring? Does it reflect the local area or is it “generic?” In your room, is the art soothing and restful?

Fine art has hung in hotels for decades. But today, hotel owners are thinking outside the frame and enabling their guests to have a more complete experience during their stay. Art has become a fundamental, rather than ornamental, element of hotel design. Interesting art provides that WOW factor that guests remember, and tell their friends about.

One hotel owner stated that the art is a part of the identity of the hotel, and it integrates into the architecture, design, concept and the vibe, the intellectual soul of the hotel. Art also should reflect the setting of the hotel. Another hotel owner thinks that people are tired of having a pre-described experience handed to them, and they’re tired of being disconnected from the life of the city they are visiting.

Several Creative Artists Network artists have their work placed in hotels worldwide. Harriet Blum’s limited-edition prints of hand-tinted photographs hang in the sleeping rooms and conference rooms of the Loews New Orleans Hotel. All of the art reflects the local landscape, and has received rave reviews from guests and hotel employees.

Artist Fernando Hocevar has placed more than 400 works in the guest rooms, corridors, and common areas of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Pune, India. He was able to work with some of the world’s most important architects on this project.

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