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Fine art surrounds patients, their families, and healthcare personnel with beauty, creating energy and optimism. Creative Artists Network offers art that will help transport patients and their families to a different location other than a doctor’s waiting room or hospital bed. Our art is currently on display in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare settings.

The healing power of art is not a new concept, but has existed throughout history. Many healthcare organizations are beginning to realize the healing properties of art, and incorporate artwork into their facilities. Research into the possible link between art and improved health explains that art can benefit patients physiologically and therefore improve health and mood. Art also may lend a non-institutional feeling to a healthcare facility, and help to demonstrate a philosophy of care and concern for patient’s well being. For healthcare professionals, integrating art into the work environment helps to relieve the stress demanded by their work and may help stem burnout.

Studies have shown that exposure to themes in art, such as nature, landscapes, and calm waters, are proven to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and diminish the need for pain medication (M.J. Freidrich, "The Arts of Healing", Journal of the American Medical Association Vol. 281, no. 19, pp. 1779 – 1781, 1999).

After viewing a selection of art, please contact us to see how we can enhance your healthcare environment with fine art.           386-871-2378           Privacy Policy